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  • Over the summer, I injured my shoulder. It was most likely a combination of weight lifting and throwing the football around without warming up properly. In November I couldn't deal with the pain and weakening of my arm so I logged into ZocDoc and found Dr. Shah. I was impressed with his education and experience so I scheduled an appointment. After a thorough consultation he was very confident I had tore my labrum. An MRI would confirm his diagnosis. We scheduled surgery for December 6th.

    The day of surgery went like clockwork. Everything went smoothly and I was out of the hospital within an hour or so of waking up. That night I was in a lot of pain which is typical for this procedure and called Dr. Shah very early the next morning to ask for a different prescription. He immediately answered, and called the pharmacy to change the prescription to something that was more suitable. During my follow up, Dr. Shah was once again very thorough and got me started on a comprehensive physical therapy plan. I followed the plan and was way ahead of schedule compared to most who have their labrum repaired. I credit Dr. Shah and consistently following the PT program prescribed.

    If you're considering labrum surgery with Dr. Shah, I highly recommend him. He's extremely thorough, responsive, and obviously very good at what he does. I had shoulder surgery on Dec 6th, 2013. I couldn't bench press 45 pounds in March, 2014 as it takes time to heal properly. In December 2014, one year after surgery I was able to bench press 315 pounds, 3 times, and my shoulder feels perfect--thanks to Dr. Shah!