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  • Dr. Shah is the best. A shoulder injury from decades ago had begun causing increased pain and restriction of motion and was driving me nuts. It obviously was time for medical input. I had begun seeing an orthopedist at another well-known hospital but became frustrated with his lack of focus and scattered approach, and my PT recommended Dr. Shah.

    From my first meeting with Dr. Shah, he inspired confidence, based on a combination of his expertise, ability to explain the medical issues so that even I could understand them, his measured advice and his engaging personality. After some additional PT, I had the surgery. About five months later, after post-op rehab (you gotta be diligent!), I was (and still am) pain free with almost full range of motion and back to the activities I enjoy. As I guess is clear from the above, I have recommended the Doc to friends and family and God forbid, if my aching body starts breaking down again I will be back.