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  • In the winter of 2013, I suffered a torn ACL as a result of a skiing accident. After doing extensive online research of different orthopaedic surgeons in New York City, I decided upon my initial consultation with Dr. Shah to review the extent of my injury and what options I had moving forward. I consider myself very lucky that I chose to have Dr. Shah treat me. I found the office staff to be incredibly prompt, efficient, and friendly.  The facilities are state of the art and very clean. Dr. Shah spent as much time as I needed discussing the extent of my injury, my surgical options, what to expect during surgery, and how to manage my rehab post surgery. I felt that I was given very thorough and honest information, and the process was laid out to me in a way that made me feel more comfortable and less scared.  Dr. Shah was incredibly caring during the surgery process, and made sure to check in with me over the days following to ensure I was ok. In the months following my surgery, I did extensive physical therapy under Dr. Shah's supervision, and had regular check up’s with him to review my progress. I knew exactly what to expect as far as recovery, timeframes, etc, based upon Dr. Shah's guidance.  If I had to go through the process all over again, I wouldn’t want anyone but Dr. Shah to treat me. I would highly recommend him to my closest family and friends, and feel very blessed that I had such a wonderful surgeon helping me along the way!