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  • I found Dr. Shah through blind luck, and now I can't say enough good things about him. Well, lucky is a strange word to use given where I started out, but if something like this was going to happen, I was very lucky to find Dr. Shah. My right knee was extremely swollen and the knee was locked in place. I couldn't do much more than limp. NYU Trinity's location is downstairs from my office, and I walked in and asked for an appointment with the next available doctor who knew anything about knees.

    I'm writing to make sure that the next person who does some research and ends up here, knows they'll be well taken care of. After initially meeting me and scheduling an immediate MRI, we learned I had an extremely rare situation - not a meniscus tear or ACL, but a tumor. It’s only after the fact that I realize that I was never scared or worried by that information. Dr. Shah is clearly quite capable and intelligent, and exudes competence and confidence without coming across as brash and arrogant. He talked me through the process, made me feel comfortable at the surgery, and never once talked down to me.

    I just had my 6-week follow-up appointment. I'm walking, swimming, basically living a healthy, active lifestyle already. The whole team deserves credit, from the physical therapists, Marisa (Dr. Shah's P.A.) and the nurses and other staff at NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital, and others whom I'm sure I'm forgetting.

    My knee is better than before (no tumor in there). The entire experience was simply comfortable, which is not the word one would think would come to mind.

    I should have done some research before choosing an orthopedic surgeon. If that is what you're doing right now, as you read this, don't hesitate. Call, make an appointment, and you can stop researching. You won't regret it. He'll treat you like you're his own family. You can't ask for more in a doctor.

    Thanks again, Dr. Shah!