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  • At the end of 2011 I was involved in a bicycle accident which resulted in a very large tear to my right rotator cuff. I was sixty four years old at the time, and had been actively working as a stagehand backstage on Broadway since 1973. I could not raise my arm. My primary physician recommended that I consult with Dr. Shah, and following a comprehensive examination he performed arthroscopic surgery on my rotator cuff.

    Following the surgery, Dr. Shah closely monitored my recovery, and when it was appropriate, prescribed detailed physical therapy to help me regain the strength in and the full use of my right arm. After a lengthy recovery, Dr. Shah permitted me to return to full time/full duty work as a stagehand, at the job that I was working at the time of the injury. I have successfully continued at that job in my regular capacity, and have been able to work at other jobs within the backstage community.

    Throughout the entire process Dr. Shah took time to explain the nature of the injury, the choices that I might have, the surgery that he would perform, and the importance of the physical therapy work. I had confidence in Dr. Shah's experience and in his ability to help me from the time of our first meeting. I would gladly and strongly recommend that anyone requiring orthopedic attention see Dr. Shah.