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  • I am coming up on my three year anniversary for my ACL surgery and i just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the amazing work you did. As you may or may not remember i was very concerned with the abilities i would loose after surgery, if i could still workout the way i wanted, how soon i could be back in the gym (hah).

    Well, I am very happy to report my progress. After over a year of PT and countless hours with my coach working hard to build muscle back where I had lost it - I am now stronger then ever before.

    I crossfit full time (5 days a week), and will start competing in May. Yesterday I hit a 113lb overhead squat- something I couldn't even imagine doing, even before i tore my ACL.

    SO thank you, thank you so much for not only being an excellent surgeon, but a comforting one.

    Someone who took the time out to answer my 200 plus questions and emails and made me feel at ease with something I was terrified about.